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DIRECTOR / MANAGER: Marketing & Sales

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Date of last connection: 2011-08-12

Mr. Je... M...


10437 Berlin

Current situation:

Current industry: Pharma industry

Size of the company: More than 1,000 employees

Current position: Commercial Excellence Manager – BHC PH Region Europe / Canada

Number of years spent at this position: 3-5 years

Number of persons you managed: 1-5 persons

Annual salary: 0.00 EUR

Total working experience: 6-10 years

Availability: On standby

Job sought:

Positions: Head of Marketing/International Marketing, ,

Industry: Pharma/biotech/life sciences, ,

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract

Desired working time: Full-time

Minimum annual salary desired: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR


Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +6

Last diploma : Post-Master’s Degree in Management in Healthcare Specialities

Current educational level : +6

Other training courses :

Divers :

Geographical mobility: Country : Germany, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Known Tools / Software/ Methods

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences

Languages French : Native
German : Fluent
English : Working language


Mr. Je... M...


10437 Berlin

Highly accomplished professional with history exponentially growing sales, market share, and brand loyalty for
offerings ranging from unbranded items to struggling, existing and globally-leading pharma and biotech products.
· Define optimal approach for difficult markets, spearheading strategic analysis, planning, and programmes.
· Amplify awareness and profitability, expertly aligning corporate vision with unique worldwide segments.
· Rival top contenders locally, regionally, and globally, maximising penetration in specific and saturated areas.
· Bring clarity to complex concepts, partnering across all levels to create goals and pragmatic solutions.
· Expand opportunities and support, building powerful teams and robust relationships with key influencers.
Strategic Analysis & Planning · International, Country-Specific & Local Marketing · Sales Development & Tactics
Product Launches & Revitalisations · Brand Positioning · Crisis & Change Management · Problem Solving
Team Building & Motivation · Cross-Functional Facilitation · Key Relationship Building · Knowledge Sharing
BAYER HEALTHCARE PHARMACEUTICALS (BHC PH), Germany & France · 2006 – Present
~€11B pharmaceutical division of Bayer HealthCare AG marketing products in +120 countries.
Commercial Excellence Manager – BHC PH Region Europe / Canada (expat contract) · 2009 – Present
Provide expertise and oversight for all aspects of Commercial Excellence for largest region within BHC PH
generating +€4.6B turnover; represents 44% of total BHC PH sales. Specialise in strategic and tactical support to
optimise sales, marketing, profitability, customer focus, customer value, and integration of new alternative channels
in product mix for all HQs and countries including Emerging Markets; spans from commercial analysis to
preparation for upcoming launches. Challenge countries with best sales and marketing practices and
competencies to improve their effectiveness. Encourage best practice sharing and cross-functional team
leadership and collaboration. Ensure maximum alignment with Bayer Marketing & Sales Excellence frame. Partner
with Regional Marketing Operations teams and affiliates. Nominate champions as key interlocutors to country
division heads (CDH). Report to Head of Business Strategy. Serve as Commercial Excellence Ambassador for
entire BHC PH in BHC Excellence community.
· Infused largest region in BHC PH with Marketing Excellence, while aligning +100 countries with Bayer best
marketing practices, creating Commercial Excellence network throughout BHC divisions.
· Enabled Region to navigate turbulent global environment, changing mindset of teams to focus on Commercial
Excellence and ROI, and motivating affiliates to adapt marketing to new rules of pharma market.
· Helped optimise alignment of brand investments with brand and stakeholders’ objectives, improving marketers’
assessment in coordination with BHC.
· Established Switzerland as affiliate country model regarding Marketing Excellence in 2 years; achieved high
levels of satisfaction in country in terms of implementation.
· Strengthened communication between affiliates, HQ, and across franchises, building strong collaborative
bridges; +3,000 Bayer marketers have participated in Marketing Excellence Foundational training to date.
Head of Marketing – Cardiovascular Drugs in Hospital Market, Bayer Schering Pharma · 2007 – 2008
Marketing Manager – Cardiovascular Drugs in Hospital Market, Bayer Schering Pharma · 2006 – 2007
Formulated and executed strategic plans to increase turnover and brand awareness of 2 challenging products in
France: Ilomedine which is indicated in Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease (PAOD), and Ventavis which is
indicated in Pulmonary Hypertension (PAH) and taken with high-tech inhaler. Directed team of 3 managers and
assistant: Medical Communications Manager, Sales Force Training Manger, and Product Manager. Partnered
closely with National Sales Director overseeing 4 sales team area managers. Guided high-talent senior sales force
dedicated to hospital promotion. Facilitated relationship between Ventavis device manufacturer,
(Philips/Respironics), nurses provided by Airliquid, and Bayer personnel for delivery of patient services. Forged
and managed strong contacts with key opinion leaders, nurses, and patient associations.
· Played major role in 1st operational quick win success following merger, positioning high-impact marketing
strategy including corporate alignment, tactics, and action plan for Ilomedine and Ventavis.
· Achieved historic record-setting success in terms of PAH patients treated, increasing from 40 with decreasing
trends to +130; resulted in French authorities of health notifying Bayer on overtaking annual objective of
expense of health, and request for reduction of sales to avoid reimbursing government or price reduction.
· Set new European record for success of both products, while outperforming all other countries as 1st to pilot
new marketing experience between Bayer sales force and Schering product; achieved +10% TO while other
countries including Germany were decreasing between 20-50%.
· Enabled lower cost of patient care, developing numerous in-home hospitalisation and nursing services.
· Transformed Ventavis from “dead” product into major company winner, and reversed negative opinion of Bayer
regarding PAH treatment among worldwide key opinion leaders, obtaining inscription in International
Guidelines as systematic 2nd line treatment; product has been integrated into strategic area worldwide.
· Produced 25% growth in mobile actual turnover for both products; Ilomedine continues to grow to date, despite
end of promotion, generating extraordinary ROI via ongoing carryover.
LEO PHARMA / VETXX, Paris, France · 2005 – 2006
Leo Pharma was mid-sized Danish pharmaceutical company; animal division was sold and became VetXX.
Product Manager – Petfoods for Dogs & Cats / New Companion Animals (NAC)
Strategised and led re-launch of entire range of pet food sold exclusively by veterinarians offices accounting for
80% of turnover; included, but was not limited to, marketing mix, sales force mobilisation, and wholesale
negotiations. Guided and drove sales forces including 2 sales area managers. Managed relations with HQ for P&I.
Identified and built external relationships and alliances.
· Halted and reversed declining trend in turnover, successfully achieving break-even profitability in minimal time
by championing complete reorganisation and revitalisation of range including creating entirely new marketing
mix from scratch, and new prize, portions, recipes, products, and packaging.
· Revitalised antiquated brand, boosting brand awareness and modern integrity by revamping products, and
launching innovative new initiatives such as web and mobile device promotions.
· Reenergised despondent sales force following sale of Leo Pharma, taking over management in absence of
sales director due to budget constraints, motivating teams, and improving overall effectiveness.
SERVIER, Paris, France · 2002 – 2004
1st independent French Pharmaceutical company renowned for schooling in sales and marketing excellence.
Sales Area Manager – Cardiology, Diabetics & Rheumatology
Prospected and built relationships with GPs, cardiologists, endocrinologists, and rheumatologists. Sold Coversyl
for hypertension and cardio/brain/kidney protection, Diamicron for diabetes treatment, Protelos for osteoporosis,
and Daflon for treatment of venous disease. Analysed and reported on market. Organised PR events such as
roundtables, hospital staff meetings, promotional dinners, and national and international congresses.
· Elevated Area to #1 in Paris and surrounding areas, increasing turnover by 35% in 1 year.
· Drove high-volume sales in widely diverse markets and district demographics.
· Forged numerous partnerships with key associations, and long-term relationships with prescribers.
· Launched Coversyl into market with success in secondary stroke prevention.
· Ranked as #18 Best Area Manager out of +200 peers in France.
France’s 1st pharmaceutical company; world’s 4th largest based on prescription sales; #1 in France and Europe.
Product Manager – Neurology & Psychology Drugs in Hospital & Town Markets
Devised and established initial strategy for products competing against unbranded generics. Later specialised in
strategic plans to revitalise and re-establish old products. Held press conferences, and sales force congresses.
· Played active role in establishing Zolpidem (a.k.a Stilnox / Ambien) as blockbuster and leader in prescription
sleep aid market, implementing new concepts in communication targeting expansion of sales.
· Accelerated patient contact and treatment effectiveness of old products, revitalising brand image of
antipsychotic Tiapridal, and tranquiliser Tranxen.
· Improved sales force product knowledge and performance, designing game on Tiapridal and Tranxen.
Post-Master’s Degree in Management in Healthcare Specialities (with Honours)
ESC Business School, Toulouse, France
Master’s Degree in Cellular & Physiologic Biology (with Honours)
UPMC Paris VI, Paris, France
1st Year Medical Studies · Preparatory Studies for Sciences Po Paris (Ipesup-Preasup) · Facilitation Training
***Fluent in French (native), English & German***

Cover letter

Mr. Je... M...


10437 Berlin

DIRECTOR / MANAGER: Marketing & Sales

Dear Sir or Madam:
An innovative international marketing and sales strategist, I have transformed new, existing, and seemingly unrevivable
products into major players in fiercely aggressive pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. With a
proven track record of success in achieving new historical records, first-of-their-kind accomplishments, and
dramatic growth, I am an expert at determining the optimal plan of action in highly specific and saturated markets
alike. Building high-performance teams and powerful alliances across all levels on a local, regional, and global
basis, I have continually been recognised for my ability to inspire cross-functional collaboration, and create unity on
common missions and goals.
Spearheading high-impact initiatives that drive exponential yet sustainable increases in business, sales, and
market shares, while simultaneously providing a fresh perspective for some of the most complicated issues to
arise, I will be a valuable asset to your company. Both analytical and intuitive with a scientific mind, I am an innate
visionary, creative problem solver, and hands-on leader and team player. Passionate about driving people, brands,
and organisations to set new standards for performance industry peers and competitors alike strive to achieve, I
thrive when challenging myself and others, and consistently deliver outstanding results.
Some examples of highlights throughout my career are:
· Infusing Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals’ (BHC PH) largest region (Europe / Canada) with Marketing
Excellence, while aligning +100 countries with Bayer best marketing practices, creating a Commercial
Excellence network throughout BHC divisions.
· Achieving historic record-setting success in terms of patients treated with Ventavis, increasing them from 40
with decreasing trends to +130; resulted in the French authorities of health notifying Bayer on overtaking of
annual objective of expense of health, and request for reduction of sales to avoid reimbursing government or a
price reduction.
· Setting a new European record for the success of both Ilomedine and Ventavis in France, while outperforming
all other countries as the 1st to pilot a new marketing experience between the Bayer sales force and a Schering
product; achieved +10% TO while other countries including Germany were decreasing between 20-50%.
· Transforming Ventavis from a “dead” product into a major company winner, and reversing the negative opinion
of Bayer among worldwide key opinion leaders regarding PAH treatment, obtaining Ventavis’ inscription in the
International Guidelines as a systematic 2nd line treatment; currently integrated into worldwide strategic area.
· Halting and reversing a declining trend in turnover for Leo Pharma/VetXX, successfully achieving break-even
profitability in minimal time by championing a complete reorganisation and revitalisation of the product range
including creating a new marketing mix from scratch, new prize, portions, recipes, products, and packaging.
· Playing an active role in establishing Zolpidem (a.k.a Stilnox / Ambien) as a blockbuster and leader in the
prescription sleep aid market for Sanofi-Synthelabo, implementing new concepts in communication targeting
the expansion of sales.
As you can see, my vast experience in international leadership, strategic planning, sales, and Marketing
Excellence, as well as team building and mobilisation is easily transferrable in a variety of realms. Dedicated to
adding value to each new situation I encounter through an unyielding focus on internal and external customers, I
am confident in my ability to enhance your organisation as well. Please review my enclosed curriculum vitae, and
contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your reply.

Mr. Je... M

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